Weakness is not an option in my life because the Holy Ghost dwells in me. I am empowered with might from within; therefore, I’m victorious at every count and in everything. I refuse to live or function by natural abilities or within human capacities.

I make full proof of God’s limitless power that has been deposited in my spirit; thus, I reign, rule, and dominate my world. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Joy overflows in my heart always, and I am strengthened with might in my inner man. I refuse to be weak and I reject anything that represents darkness or inferiority. I live over and above sickness, disease, poverty, and the world.

Anything that causes sorrow and depression is far from me. Jesus is Lord over my life; therefore, satan has no claim over me. I declare that I am full of life. I do not walk in darkness, for I have the light of life. The devil has nothing in me, for I am born of God. I live in health continually. I’m alive! The Word of God is working in me!

I have authority over death, sickness, disease, and infirmity because I have passed from death to life. The Holy Spirit quickens and makes my body whole. I believe what the Word says concerning me! Glorious things are spoken of me. I refuse to be sick! My faith is active, working, and generating great results for me.

I’m alive unto God and my body is vitalized by the Spirit of the Living God. I am impregnable to infections, sicknesses, or diseases. The plan of the enemy against me is completely null and void. I have peace all around me! I am never without strength because the Strengthener – the Holy Spirit – is in me. He ministers to my body and energizes me in health, strength, and vigor in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


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