I do not live by blood. I live by the Word of God. As the Word is incorruptible, so is my body. My body is unbreakable. The Word of God grows in my spirit, producing wellness in my body and soundness in my mind. Every part of me remains alive and in perfect shape. I refuse to acknowledge any sickness, hindrance, or limitation in my life.

I refuse to fear, I refuse to be defeated, and I refuse to be sick! I refuse to let my body be subject to any form of sickness or disease. I am more than a conqueror; the divine life of God is in me. I refuse to accept sickness, poverty, or defeat. I will not give in to anything that’s contrary to my divine inheritance in Christ.

The Holy Spirit lives in me and, as I daily walk in God’s prearranged path for my life, He causes me to excel with prosperity, health, and strength. As Jesus is above all things, so am I. I am a partaker of His glory, dominion, greatness, excellence, victories, power, and grace. This divine connection produces wellness for my body and keeps my body alive and in perfect shape.

Health is my birthright; my body conforms to the Word of God at all times, for it is the house of the Holy Ghost. I live and enjoy the glorious and victorious life. My life is the manifestation of God’s glory, virtue, excellence, and greatness.

I am full of joy and I walk in divine health, righteousness, and prosperity. Goodness and mercy follow me always, and my life is so perfect and beautiful. The indestructible life of God is at work in me, and I live each day of my life for God’s glory in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


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