I am confident of this very thing that the life of God is at work in me, permeating my whole being. I flourish in health and walk in ever-increasing glory all my days. Everything that concerns me prospers exceedingly. Poverty, failure, sickness and death are not a part of my life because the life that’s at work in me is superior to the devil and all his works.

Today, I walk with the consciousness that greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. I am alive unto God. The life of God in me destroys sickness, disease and infirmity; therefore, I’m uninfectable. I am not ordinary; I refuse to accommodate any form of weakness in my body.

In the Name of Jesus, I refuse arthritis, diabetes, cancer, tumor, paralysis, kidney failure, heart failure, lung failure in any place in my body. I declare that I live, rule and reign above them all. There’s no death in my life, family, finances, business, or job because the One in me is greater. I am a life-giving spirit and everything I touch or connect to receives life.

Christ’s glory is manifested in my body as I flourish in divine health every day of my life. My life is excellent and full of glory. I walk in, and manifest, the dominion of Christ today. Out of my belly flow rivers of living water; therefore, I dispense life and health to my world. I am a partaker of God’s nature, and I have escaped the corruption that is in this world.

Eternal life is at work in my spirit, soul, and body. I am the effulgence of God’s glory. The glory of God infuses my being, keeping me strong and well every day. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I have all things that pertain to life and godliness in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. Masingita Siwela

    I am blessed by these confessions. They are uplifting my spirit, giving me hope, renewing my Covenant with God and would like to receive them in my email daily

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