I know who I am! I’m Abraham’s seed and I reign and rule in this life. I am unlimited and unstoppable because I’m in Christ, and I walk daily in this consciousness. I’m a joint-heir with Christ; therefore, all things are mine. The Lord God is mighty in me. He has blessed me with everlasting life; a life of grace, truth, and agelessness.

My life is a life of ever-increasing glory and peace. I live above turmoil or confusion because I flourish in God’s rest. My mind is flooded with the light of God’s Word and I only see pictures of life, strength, and health. I know who I am! I’m from above and my life is the supernatural life of God’s Word.

I think the right thoughts, speak the right words, and receive the results of God’s Word in my life today and always. In Christ, I have received the life of glory, honor, and excellence; a life where there’s no form of death, sickness, disease, or infirmity. As the Father has life in Himself, so has He given the Son to have life in Himself.

I have the Son; therefore, I have life! My body only expresses God’s glory and beauty. My body is God’s temple, and I am its steward. I refuse to let sickness abide in God’s temple. I am alive! When people see me, they glorify God. Today, I am living the life of victory and dominion that Jesus purchased for me through His vicarious death, burial, and resurrection.

I have the imperishable life of God in me; therefore, I live continually in divine health and strength. I do not get sick because I have the life and nature of God. The Greater One lives in me. I stand as a king and I reign in life victoriously. I am preserved from the machinations of wicked and unreasonable men. I have peace on every side in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


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