My progress is unstoppable because I cannot be limited by sickness, disease, or the negativities of the ordinary life. As Jesus is above all things, so am I. I am a partaker of His glory, dominion, greatness, excellence, victories, power, and grace. This divine connection produce wellness for my body and keeps it alive and in perfect condition.

I am one spirit with the Lord; therefore, Satan and his minions have no right to run rampage or perpetrate evil in my life or my environment. I refuse every symptom of sickness or disease from my body. I rejoice because the Lord Jesus has overcome this world for me. I have been made more than a conqueror in this life.

I live in the victory that Christ provisioned for me; therefore, I am not afraid of sickness, for I reign in life through Christ Jesus. I affirm that my spirit is full of the joy of the Lord at all times. With this joy, I draw from the wells of salvation and I stir up God’s greater blessings of righteousness, peace, and joy in my life.

I live in the glorious liberty of my divine life in Christ. I grow daily in grace and in the wisdom of God. My body is sound; its systems and organs are functioning perfectly. I’m waxing stronger and stronger every day. The Word of God is working mightily in me.

No matter the circumstance, regardless of what I feel or see, the Word produces what it talks about in my life. I am full of life! By the Word, I live in safety, health, victory, prosperity, joy, and love in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.


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