God loves me personally. I’m His peculiar treasure; my value to Him is the value of Jesus. I think, talk, walk, and live as someone special, for indeed I am someone special. God reigns, establishes, and spreads His love and righteousness on earth today through me.

God’s Word is my light and my life! It’s nourishment for my spirit, sustenance for my soul, and wellness for my body! I always live by the Word; its awesome power is at work in me as I meditate on it daily. My life bears witness to the Word with evidence of its eternal life, perfect health, unrivaled strength, and revitalizing power.

I have the same life that Jesus has, in its fullness. My life is sickness-proof, disease-proof, poverty-proof and failure-proof. It’s a life of glory, victory, success and excellence. Nothing of the devil can stay in me, for I’ve embraced the transcendent life that’s in Christ Jesus.

I’m a partaker of the divine nature; I’ve overcome the world. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; therefore, I refuse to allow anything to dominate me. I keep my body in subjection to the Word of God! Anything that’s not consistent with the Word of God for my life isn’t permitted in my body!

In Christ, I have authority over the elements of this world and I exercise dominion over my body. I declare that my body is the lord’s temple and sickness is not allowed in or around it. Any sick person who comes to me recovers because I carry God’s healing power, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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