I belong to Christ and I am Abraham’s seed and an heir according to the promise! I know what the Word says about me. I affirm that I’m filled with the fullness of God, loaded with all the power, glory, might, and grace of divinity! The totality of divinity is tabernacled in my spirit, soul, and body, and uniquely expressed in and through me today!

As the Lord Jesus is begotten of the Father, so am I; therefore, I am reigning in life, exercising dominion over the forces of nature and over all circumstances to bring them into union with the Father’s will. My words are backed with the power to alter situations and every word I speak comes to pass. I speak life to my bones, health to my organs, and agelessness to my body.

God’s Word is my light and my life! It’s the nourishment for my spirit, food for my soul, and health to my flesh! I live by the Word always and declare that its mighty power is at work in me as I meditate on it and observe to do what it says. I have a testimony of the Word in my life; it is a testimony of eternal life, perfect health, matchless strength, and energizing power.

The ability of God is at work in me today, and I’m conscious of it! I don’t function in my own ability or strength, for God’s inherent ability is in me. My strength is renewed daily, and I’m divinely energized at all times for victory. Everything I require for life and godliness has been made available to me and I’m conscious of this reality today.

I am a child of God; born for the glory life. I give thanks to God for the life of Christ that is at work in me mightily, making me indestructible and insusceptible to sickness, disease, and any form of infirmity in Jesus Name. Amen!

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