Dear Father, from the depth of my heart, I am grateful for Your grace, mercy, wisdom and power by which I live triumphantly today, prospering in all that I do. Thank You for Your glory in my life; You’re righteous, holy, gracious, kind and pure. Your Kingdom is everlasting, and You rule the nations in righteousness. Blessed be Your Name forever, O Lord.

You’re the King eternal, immortal, with all power, glory and majesty. You’re the joy of heaven and hope of the earth. You’re the Most High God, who alone is worthy of all praise, honour and adoration. You’re King of the ages. I worship You today and forever and I thank You for faith that’s stirred in my spirit to change my world.

By faith, I obtain good reports in my day, as I accomplish supernatural feats for the Kingdom. I refuse to be mediocre in any way, because my life is the manifestation of Your resplendent glory. I walk in the knowledge of Your will in wisdom and spiritual understanding. I’m guided by the Holy Spirit to walk in Your light and in Your truth.

I am seated with Christ and I reign with Him, in Him, and through Him. I thank God for the power and authority that He has given me over devils. The enemy has no right to run things in my home, my body, and my finances. I live in the dominion of Christ at all times in Jesus Name. Amen.

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