I am blessed in all things like faithful Abraham, and I am conscious of this blessing. God’s blessings make me rich and do not bring sorrow; rather, they produce abundant life in my health, finances, family, business, and all that concerns me. I am blessed with all-around prosperity.

My life blossoms like a tree by the riverside whose leaves never wither. By God’s design, I bear fruits of righteousness and I burst forth in health always. My life is exceptional and nothing is missing or lacking. I magnify the Lord at all times because He has filled my mouth with laughter and my heart with joy.

The joy of the Lord strengthens and revitalizes my body. There is no sadness or depression in my life. Worry and fear are dispelled as I radiate joy and peace. Christ is my assurance for living in perfect health every day. There is no trace of weakness, sickness, infirmity, or death in my body.

Everything in my body is perfect, just as God made it. I am alive unto God because Jesus is alive in me! I am victorious in all things because Christ lives in me. He is my refuge, my home, my health, my wealth, and my glory. In Him, I have peace and dominion over circumstances. I am forever making progress, and I am always fruitful and productive in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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