My life is graced with God’s glory and goodness. I live in the environment of His glory and divine essence, where there is no sickness, death, disease, infirmity, or failure. I manifest God’s glory, virtue, excellence, and greatness to my world, bringing glory to the Name of the Lord continually.

My body and all my members and faculties are a living sacrifice, holy, devoted, consecrated and well-pleasing to God, which is my service and spiritual worship. I have crucified the flesh with its passions and appetites and desires. My mind is yielded to God’s Word, and my heart is regulated by the Word.

Thank You Father, for helping me discover who I really am and the priceless treasure you’ve deposited in my spirit through the knowledge of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. I acknowledge and walk in the light of my divine heritage, origin and glory in Christ. I affirm that I have the incorruptible life of God in my spirit. This new life is in every cell of my blood, every bone of my body, and in every fiber of my being!

I walk in the reality of the new life of righteousness, which I’ve received in Christ. I am an associate of the God-kind and a partaker of the divine nature, having been made free from the corrupting influences, decadence, and destruction in the world. I’m conscious of the transcendent life of glory and victory that God has given me in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

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