The Word of God is my life. I am free from sickness, and I will not be overtaken by feelings of pain and discomfort because God’s Word is working mightily in my body. I speak the Word and it works in my body, making it alive every day. My spirit is conditioned by the Word of God.

My spirit, soul, and body are daily transformed and renewed as I meditate on God’s Word. Good health, success, and prosperity are the hallmarks of my daily life. I enjoy life to the full always, to the glory of God the Father and in the Name of Jesus.

Everyday, I walk in supernatural strength, supernatural health, supernatural supply, and supernatural abilities. I live in and by the power of that the Name of Jesus today. I’m making progress with giant strides as I fulfill the ministry and destiny that God has for me.

God wants me to prosper and dwell in health even as my soul prospers. Therefore, my body, my soul, and everything about me conform to God’s will. I live in God’s deathless zone, walking in the light of His Word. I walk by faith and not by sensory perception, so I refuse anything that tries to contradict what the Word has said concerning me in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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