I am born of God; therefore, I’ve got the life of God. I walk in divine health always because my entire being is powered by the resurrection life in Christ Jesus. The fullness of God tabernacles in my spirit, soul, and body, and is expressed in me today and always.

I refuse sickness from having its way in my life because I have taken hold of eternal life. Everything about me bears fruits of righteousness, and my life is characterized by excellence, success, divine health, prosperity, strength, and joy.

I am one spirit with the Lord; therefore, Satan and his minions have no right to run rampage or perpetrate evil in my life or my environment. I refuse every symptom of sickness or disease from my body. The Word of God is my life.

I am free from sickness, and I will not be overtaken by feelings of pain and discomfort because God’s Word is working mightily in my body. I speak the Word and it works in my body, making it alive every day in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

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