Eternal life is my present-hour possession. The very God-life is tabernacled in my body; therefore, no sickness can fasten itself to my body. I am fashioned after the Last Adam, a life-giving Spirit, and out of my belly flow rivers of living waters, bringing healing and divine health to everyone I touch.

I am born of God’s indestructible Word. I put away from me any picture that’s contrary to what the Word of God says about my health, ability, strength, and righteousness. I see with the eyes of the Spirit.

I see my body excellent and in perfect condition; I see that I’m mightily helped by the Lord because He is my strength and my life. I acknowledge that God’s divine power has given me all that I require for life and godliness.

I am not waiting on Him to fulfill His promise of healing to me; rather, I am living in health because He has blessed me with the divine life. Life and immortality have been brought to light in my spirit through the living Word. I live the transcendent life in Christ, now and always in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Shout Glory!!!

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