Glory to God! I function from the realm of the supernatural. I am not susceptible to any affliction or infirmity. When men are cast down by sickness or pandemics, I declare that there is lifting, and I lift people everywhere to the level of the God-kind of faith.

I vehemently refuse anything that’s inconsistent with God’s desire for my life. I am dwelling in health all the days of my life because I have the eternal life of Christ working in me. This power in me is greater than sickness.

I am a well-watered garden. Streams of healing waters flow from me to all in my world. I don’t contract or transmit sickness. The good life is mine, health is mine, and joy is aglow in my spirit. My life is a sure testimony that there’s a higher life in Christ.

I enjoy good health, peace, prosperity, and all-around success as I walk in the full blessings that Jesus Christ wrought for me, which I received when I obtained salvation in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

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