I enjoy good health, peace, prosperity, and all-around success as I walk in the full blessings that Jesus Christ wrought for me, which I received when I obtained salvation. God’s Word is established in my life and it is evident for the world to see.

God wants me to prosper and dwell in health even as my soul prospers. Therefore, my body, my soul, and everything about me conform to God’s will. I live in God’s deathless zone, walking in the light of His Word.

I walk by faith and not by sensory perception, so I refuse anything that tries to contradict what the Word has said concerning me. Jesus is Lord over my life; therefore, Satan has no claim over me. I declare that I am full of life. I do not walk in darkness, for I have the light of life. The devil has nothing in me, for I am born of God. I live in health continually.

Eternal life is at work in every fiber of my being, repelling sickness, disease, infirmity, death, poverty, and everything inconsistent with my divine life in Christ in Jesus Name. Amen.

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