I am full of power and the Holy Ghost. By the authority vested in me in Christ Jesus, I cut off any form of sickness or disease that may try to invade my body or any influence of Satan in my direction.

Jesus is Lord of my life, therefore, I vehemently refuse anything that’s inconsistent with God’s desire for my life. I dwell in health all the days of my life because I have the eternal life of Christ working in me.

This power in me is greater than sickness. Jesus has paralyzed the works of the enemy and has brought them to nothing. Therefore, I reign over Satan and his cohorts of darkness by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the Name of Jesus. For His name has the ultimate and supreme authority. Hallelujah!

1 thought on “#2358 I AM FULL OF POWER AND THE HOLY GHOST”

  1. Manaledi Cynthia Sele

    Truly blessed and empowered to share with others who need to be consoled to see their situation in view our Lord Jesus Christ sees us Thank you Pastor for strengthening us and be enabled to share the blessings. Hallelujah praise God 🙏. Manaledi

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