I live above the elements of this world. I live above sickness, disease, and death. I’m immune to anything that ravages the lives of men; I belong to God’s class of divine beings.

I am a partaker of the divine nature; my body is sustained by a force that the ordinary man cannot perceive. My kidneys, lungs, heart, all tissues and every organ in my body function properly. I am alive!

I live in health every day because I’ve got the eternal life of God in me. I am not subject to sickness, pain, depression, anxiety, or any form of weakness or infirmity. I will never be sick in my life because Jesus rules and reigns supreme over my life!

I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I have the divine life that flourishes with health, prosperity, success, peace, and joy unspeakable in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

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